Saturday, 29 June 2019

Fwd: MMI - Uganda Mission

                                                                                       Mark 16: 15-18

                                                                                       Mark 16: 15-18

Outreach to Northern Uganda Karamoja Region  May – June 2019

Greetings to you all in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God.

Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.


I received a call at the beginning of this year to visit the Karamoja region, these being a warrior people living in one the remotest regions of Uganda.  This is 10 hours north of Kampala wedged in between Northern Kenya and Sudan.  Four of us went up by car, Bishop David Maindi, Johan Theron, our driver David jnr. and myself.   What a blessing these men turned out to be during the mission.


Our contacts there were two of the godliest folk I Have ever met, sister Grace and brother Martin. Sister Grace was the one who called us to come with the Gospel.  The area we were in had never heard the word,  we being the first white men to minister there.  It was truly unbroken,  virgin land.  We had our meetings under a massive indigenous tree.  

At our first meeting there were about 200 folk.  I could feel a lot of opposition as amongst them were witch doctors causing unrest.  Despite that we had 60 give their lives to the Lord.  We also prayed for the sick and needy. 

When I called for testimonies on the following day as to what the Lord had done at the meeting - blind eyes opened,  a young girl healed of epilepsy and a crippled man walking, they were so significant as the Chiefs and Elders hearing  this came forward, surrendering  their lives to the Lord Jesus, saying through my interpreter, " the God this man talks of is far more powerful than our gods".

 Only a few years ago they were doing human sacrifice in the mountains behind our meeting place and had just a few days prior to us arriving sacrificed a bull to their gods for rain. This of course had not brought any results.   I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to publically declare that  because of their repentance the Lord would send rain.  Oh boy did He send rain…….it poured!!!!

Because of the rural situation and not ever hearing the Gospel the Holy Spirit led me to minister in the Lord's Parables which went down a treat.  The crowds continued to grow and we would have between 250/300 at each meeting but this did not happen without much opposition.   On the last day I was told by my team that 3 powerful witchdoctors came to throw a liquid over me that they had brewed up which has the effect of pure acid not to mention the spiritual connotations this brew had but each time they got within 30 meters of me they could advance no further as the Lord had put a shield around me and the team.  They eventually left totally disgruntled and confused.

The abject poverty and disease that we saw had a profound effect on me and the team.  The scripture from the Book of Acts came to mind, " Silver and gold I have not, but Jesus Christ I give you".  Acts 3:6.

We were however able to bless sister Grace and she bought  meal and beans which fed ca. 300 folk,  some of whom had not eaten for days.   Almost all of the children were naked and the adults were dressed in rags but despite this we left rejoicing as we hadh sowed good seed in hard ground with eventually 250 Salvations and many healings in the name of the Lord Jesus.

 I definitely know we shook the cage of the evil one as we went into his domain and in the name of the Lord Jesus cast out demons, sickness and brought hope to a truly lost people. 

He attacked David & myself physically with the most dangerous strain of malaria – Falciparum.  I was admitted to hospital where I spent 8 very testing and trying days. David was not so fortunate as he was stuck up in Kigali, Rwanda.  I was discharged last Thursday and now at home recuperating and getting ready for the next mission.  David was finally able to get meds and transport back to Kenya where he is also resting and recuperating.

Thank you all for the prayer and support in making this mission so successful but we do give Jesus Christ all the praise and glory!!!!!

Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.  Amen.


Yours in Christ

Fergus & the team

Psalm 118:17.