Monday, 9 September 2019

Outreach Congo Basin - Reaching an unreached Pygmie Tribe

It is with much excitement that I can now share that all arrangements have been made for Bishop David Maindi and myself to travel into the Congo Basin to reach people that have been on our hearts for many years.

It has not been an easy road with many setbacks but finally with all we can do set in place, we leave of 30th September.

We are trusting the Lord to continue being gracious towards us as we continue to pray for favour and the successful outcome in His mighty name.

Due to the generous gifting of many, it has been made possible for us to undertake this mission, without which it would not be at all possible.

Our very dear friend, Val Waldeck, has put together a report for us which can be viewed at the below-mentioned webiste.  Many thanks Dr. Val!!!